Use an SSL certificate to secure your websites and protect your data

Almost every online business professional looks to ensure customers’ safety against penetration by hacker attacks and other threats. However, many people are not aware of the basic principles of online security.

Wise people always choose the highest level of online security available. More people are becoming aware every day of the significance of the lock icon and "https" in the address bar of their browser before giving out personal information online. If your Web site is not using an SSL certificate, visitors will be likely to leave without creating an account or even signing up for a newsletter. You'll lose business every day because of this.

Considering personal data and information online, SSL is especially important with credit cards because those are the most prevalent highly sensitive details. An SSL-secured site cannot be easily accessed by hackers, because the certificates have a secret key to encrypt data. Be sure you look for great support for your SSL security certificates so you can trust the certification.

The Internet is full of new opportunities, especially in the area of e-commerce. However, that growth of dollars online attracts a growing number of criminals. With the use of counterfeit or pirated login credentials, phishing has exploded. Now it is difficult to tell if a page is fake or not. When you type your account details and password and click the submit button, your details can go to a hacker’s email, not the site. The only solution to this problem is to implement SSL on your site.
To prevent such cases, the Web hosting providers offer certificates of SSL (Secure Socket Layer). These certificates help to protect the financial information of the client, as well as to protect the site’s own information. One can easily identify an SSL-protected Web site.

For example, this domain is without SSL security: This is the same site populating with the protection of SSL: Another way to determine the existence of SSL is to verify there is a lock at the bottom of the browser, and some browsers will present a green circle for this connection.

An SSL helps encrypt the path between the Web server and browser installed on your computer. The risk is that the files using this path are safe and free. Once you have an SSL domain, two keys would encrypt and decrypt on either end of that path.

The first key is known only to your server, while the second is a public key. There is virtually no difference in the preparation of the site, just the simple addition of the SSL file to the site’s server. If your PC submits a request to a site, the main public key sends the message encrypted, and the server decodes with the installed private key.

Even if you do not have an e-commerce site, you still need to protect your customer information. If you participate in online sales, you will also be protecting your bank account and your personal information. In this case it is advisable to install SSL on your domain, to protect critical information.

Today, online security is enhanced with the use of an SSL certificate. Both your information and your clients’ information can be safely guarded with SSL.


Why Choose Comodo SSL Certificates?

Comodo Is the Advanced Certificate Authority (CA). Dedicated to keeping customers one step ahead. Comodo assures that Comodo SSL is 2048-bit encryption to keep customers safe for the next 20 years. Comodo customers don’t need to feel anxious or apprehensive about the 1024-bit Certificates and can depend on Comodo SSL Certificates to keep their website secure for years to come. Comodo has spent millions in research and development and are continually pushing the limitations to discover new and advanced technologies that make websites a safer place to communicate for everyone.

Comodo SSL delivers advanced online security and visually creates trust by displaying Comodo’s accepted business validated SSL Certificate, Comodo SSL. Comodo SSL is the guaranteed solution to secure your Internet server and provide visual security guarantees to your website visitors. Comodo SSL certificates are 2048-bit and attached to our original Corner of Trusted Logo that directly builds trust of visitors.

This included trust mark logo applies to all of the Comodo’s patent product or technology to encourage visitors to relate network and authorized identity.  Additional types of on-page visual trust Comodo SSL certificates give viewers are the gold padlock, the green bar and security alerts while over a secure HTTPS connection on your website. With the help of the Comodo trust mark logo, your site viewers/visitors identify that they are communicating with a secure and authorized domain even when they are not in HTTPS session.

Developing strong encryption for a secure HTTPS link and providing your customers a live authentication that they need with a Comodo branded trust mark logo increases visitors conversion value and increases your presence as a secure e-commerce merchant.

Additional benefits of Comodo SSL:

  • Save you visitors/customers valuable data with 128/256-bit encryption
  • Comodo corner-of-trust trust mark logo give exclusive authorization free
  • 2048-bit ready make your certificate safe for many years to come
  • Powerful encryption and high assurance helps to make trust on Customers  

Comodo is a premier certificate authority, web security organization and cloud services opportunity leader. Comodo’s business authorized certificates give SSL encryption powerful live assurance for a business website. 

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